Viking Gift Ideas: Viking Wedding Bands, Bracelets, Viking Rings and More

6% of the current world population can claim to have Viking ancestry with that number rising the closer you get to Scandinavia. Are you or a loved one descended from this group of fierce, strong, unique people?

If you have a friend or family member who is just getting into discovering their Viking ancestry, you should have no problem finding a Viking gift for them for a special occasion. There are even Viking wedding bands if you and your spouse share Viking blood.

Let's take a look at some of the coolest Viking gifts you can buy!

Viking Arm Ring

A Viking arm ring is more than a pretty Viking bracelet. They have a rich history too. 

Arm rings were given after making an oath, as a symbol of manhood, to distinguish class, and as an emergency currency. Every armband had a great deal of meaning to the Viking who wore it.

Lovers and spouses would wear the Viking arm ring of their warrior as a sign of fidelity and love. Today, you can give an armband as an equally meaningful gift. Give it on a special occasion to commemorate your favorite Viking's achievements.

Viking Drinking Horn

An ale horn is an authentic piece of Viking memorabilia. These were the mugs used by Vikings to drink their traditional ales and beers. They were especially useful for carrying drinks long distances including on their ships.

A drinking horn can be a fun way to enjoy a beer at a party, or you can use it for decoration! The polished outside reveals the fascinating and beautiful pattern of the bone. Plus, it's a great conversation piece. 

Hammer of Thor Necklace

What could be a cooler Viking necklace than one featuring the Hammer of Thor? This necklace comes with the protection of the Norse God, Thor who is the son of Odin! He is the God of war and fertility, so whatever your goals are they're sure to be helped by this talisman.

Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, gave him the ability to fly across the sky and create lightning. While it may not do all that for you, it will be a symbol of protection against evil. 

Give this powerful and beautiful Viking necklace as a wedding gift, birth gift, or for a grieving person to protect their intentions.

Viking Beard Kit

What is a Viking without an excellent beard? Viking men took good care of their beards by bathing regularly and applying intricate braids and metal beads.

Give your Viking man the ultimate beard care kit so that he can keep his beard looking luscious and manly. It's simple to do with a boar's hair brush, a wooden beard comb, beard oil for softening, styling balm, and beard scissors. He'll get a beard his ancestors would be proud of.

Hand-Forged Pocketknife

What is the perfect gift for a Viking woman? Traditionally, Viking women were highly respected and strong. Many Viking women were in charge of finances. But they also needed tools and protection.

Viking women wore steel forged pocket knives on their chests that could be used for recreation, hunting, fishing, and personal protection. You can buy this meaningful gift including the leather pouch from Amazon.

Viking Rings & Viking Wedding Bands

Viking rings are beautiful, traditional, non-gendered, and often come with a hidden message. These Viking rings are great for use even as Viking wedding rings. If you and your future spouse love your Viking heritage, you should consider one of these very special and unique rings. 

The Red Stone Viking rings come with protection runes that will seal your love together in harmony. Stamped on the inside is the vegvisir. Vegvisir is a magical symbol that guides you through rough weather. You can consider this symbolically as the many storms in life you and your spouse will face together.

Nothing could be more beautiful than the craftsmanship of these Viking wedding bands combined with their ancestral message about weathering the storms with your spouse to guide you.

Rune Stones

Speaking of runes and magic, do you know about the Viking tradition of Rune stones? This is an ancient divination method using tiny blocks. You shake them up and pull them at random to get advice and tell the future like tarot cards.

The practice goes way back to the time of the Vikings, but it's also used by many pagan followers today. Every rune has a specific meaning and even a power attached to it. You can get them as carved stone or wood, and they come in many beautiful styles.

Even if you don't want to start practicing divination, these are gorgeous and meaningful pieces of decoration for any Viking home.

Viking Sword

Is there someone with Viking heritage who doesn't long to own their very own Viking sword? We highly doubt it.

You can order mass-produced Viking swords that look quite authentic to display on your wall or in your own miniature armory. You can also use it for fun photoshoots.

If you have a bigger budget, consider getting a handcrafted Viking sword. Some blacksmiths are using the traditional methods used thousands of years ago. You can't get a more authentic Viking sword than that. 

Viking Longship 

What really made the Vikings special was their amazing ship technology. They were able to use their ships to travel to and conquer faraway lands. That's why so many people in so many different places have Viking heritage. 

You can honor their incredible artistry, craftsmanship, and seaman's ship with a replica of a Viking longship. There are many intricate replicas that include the unique carving style found on many Viking ships.

Did you know that some Viking ships have survived into modern times? You can find them at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark.

Odin Figurine

We mentioned Odin before and the wonderful protection the All Father can bring you. But you can bring Odin into your home decor too.

You can go for something realistic with an Odin figurine, or you can go more traditional with a carved wood talisman. The Norse people were fantastic carvers. It was one of their greatest crafts and artistic skills. 

A wooden carved Odin is a great addition to any rustic or hygge room, and it's sure to start many fascinating conversations bout Viking heritage. 

Book of Norse Mythology

Does your loved one have a budding interest in their Norse heritage? Support their curiosity about their background with a book on Norse Mythology.

The stories of the Norse gods are full of fascinating peeks into the lives and cultures of the Vikings, and there are even people who still believe in these pagan gods today!

You can choose the beautifully illustrated D'Aulaires Book of Norse Mythology for a complete look at all the stories. This is a great gift especially for a child because the illustrations will help keep them interested. 

If you want something more in-depth, try The Sea Wolves: A History of the Vikings by Lars Brownworth which explains the fascinating culture and history of the Vikings.

Viking Adventure Game

Do you and your friends think that you'd make it as a Viking on a ship? Test out your knowledge, skills, and ingenuity with The Viking Adventure board game.

The best thing about this game is that it's educational and fun! You'll learn real facts about the Vikings while setting sail, conquering countries, and winning treasures. It even comes with miniature replicas of six real Viking ships.

The ultimate objective of the game is to reach Asgärd where the favor of the Norse gods will rain down on you. 

Viking Helmet

While Vikings didn't have the horned helmet that we associate them with today, they did wear forged steel helmets in the battle to protect their heads from blows.

Whether you want to go for a novelty look or something more authentic, there are plenty of Viking helmet options for your gift-giving. The horned helmet isn't totally unfounded anyway. Depictions of Norse gods often show them with horns or wings on their helmets which implies it was an honor just for the deities.

Viking Helmet, Beard Hat, and Facewarmer

If you want to go even more novelty, look no further than a knit helmet with a matching beard. If your Viking friend can't grow a beard on their own, this is the next best thing. Plus, it'll keep their face and head nice and warm this winter.

Viking Panpipe

What did the music of the Vikings sound like? While we can't know entirely for sure because we've lost so many instruments, notated music, and oral tradition, we do have some ideas based on surviving instruments. 

Some Vikings used wooden panpipes to make music. You can buy handcrafted pipes like them today and make your own Viking music.

Viking Gift Ideas for All

Buying your friend or family member a Viking gift is a great way to encourage their discovery of their heritage. There are lots of options for people with all different kinds of interests, but what links them together is a love of Vikings. 

Looking for Viking Wedding Bands for your big day? Check out our shop for a full selection.

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