A Viking bracelet will make you feel like a Norse God. Vikings loved their jewelry and were very skilled at making it from wood, bones, tin, bronze, iron, silver and gold. Gold was very expensive and rare in the Viking age and would have been reserved for the richest of their leaders and their women. Jewelry of silver and gold were status symbols. Not much has changed in that respect. More common materials were bones, wood, tin, copper, iron and bronze. 

A Viking's jewelry could indicate their wealth, status, tribe and family membership. One look at a Viking and his/her jewelry would give clear clues to their loyalty and membership to their community. This was of vital importance to their safety and success in life. Viking life was hard and everyone needed the support and protection of their family members, leaders and tribe. Loyalty was of paramount importance to the community. Vikings gave an oath to support and protect their tribe until death. Their Viking arm ring was a sign of that oath. 

The lost wax technique was a popular way to create jewelry. For more than 6,000 years, jewelers have employed this technique. During their extensive travels, the Vikings most likely picked up the skill. A wax replica of the object being created would be made by the jeweler, who would then encapsulate it in wax to produce a mold. The metal would then be poured into the mold by the artist. The artist would break and remove the wax mold to reveal the item once the metal had cooled and solidified. Intricate and exquisite jewelry made of tin, iron, bronze, silver, and gold was a specialty of the Vikings.

There were benefits to plundering and trading throughout Europe and beyond. For the advantage of their families and communities, Vikings were able to import materials, techniques, and concepts from other cultures all over the known world. This included their methods for creating jewelry.

Viking symbols were very popular in Viking jewelry. Thor's hammer, the tree of life and Norse runes each had their own mystical meanings and powers of protection from the Norse Gods. Thor's hammer became the most popular of symbols in the late Viking period as a sign of their loyalty to all of Norse mythology during their resistance to Christianity. Large hoards of Viking jewelry have been found across Europe and beyond. Vikings raided and traded wherever they went and were able to obtain materials from far and wide. We have brought together a nice collection of Viking rings, Viking bracelets, Viking arm rings and wedding rings for you to choose from. No raiding or trading across Europe to find them.

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