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Troll Cross - Necklace

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Indian Chief - Necklace

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Magic Pentagram Necklace





Show your Viking style with a great looking Viking Necklace. Many examples of Viking Jewelry have been found in hidden treasure hoards, ancient Viking settlements and burial mounds. Famous finds include the Blackwater River find in Ireland and the Huxley and Silverdale Hoards found in England. Over 200 pieces of Viking Jewelry and coins were found in the Silverdale location. Viking bracelet, rings, necklaces and Viking arm ring. Vikings were very skilled at creating jewelry from their stolen silver, gold and other metals. As they had no use for Christian crosses and icons prior to the 11th century, they would melt down the metals and create very intricately carved jewelry. They made them for trading, decoration and as signs of loyalty, fidelity and love. Pieces of silver and gold items were often cut or broken apart to be used as currency. A Viking Arm Ring was a very important symbol of Viking warriors and shield maidens. It was also a sign of a young man's passing into manhood and his loyalty to his Jarl, leader or king.

A common method of jewelry making was the lost wax method. This method has been used by artists for over 6,000 years. Vikings probably learned the technique during their distant travels. The jeweler would make a wax model of the item they were creating and then encase it in wax to create a mold. The artist would then pour molten metal into the mold. After the metal cooled and hardened, the artist would break and remove the wax mold revealing the piece. Vikings became very skilled at creating very intricate and beautiful jewelry of tin, iron, bronze, silver and gold. 

Raiding and trading across Europe and beyond had its advantages. Vikings were able to procure materials, methods and ideas from different cultures around the known world and bring them home for the benefit of their families and communities. This included their jewelry making techniques. 

The most significant piece of jewelry a warrior or shield maiden may have had was a Viking arm ring. Their arm ring was a clear sign of their loyalty and membership in their tribe and family. This had deep meaning and symbolism for a Viking as they all depended on the loyalty and protection of their family and community members. Vikings lived in very harsh times, of course they wanted the protection that a tribe and their Gods could provide. 

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