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Wearing our Viking Clothes is a great way to show your pride in Viking heritage. Our Viking Tunic is appropriate for many occasions and based on archeological evidence just like our jewelry. Viking tunics like this one were very common during the Viking age. Simple pullover shirts with basic colors from natural dyes were the most popular type of attire. 

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The Vikings were expert weavers who produced all of their own clothing. Children assisted women as they spun the wool into yarn and added color using plant-based natural dyes. Women wore a long garment with a pinafore over it, while males wore tunics and pants. Belts and brooches were used to secure their clothing.

The Viking Age was characterized by a social hierarchy. Higher status individuals, often those with more silver coins, had access to the more exquisite and premium clothing.

Vikings were preoccupied with clothing as are people of today. First and foremost, one would dress to demonstrate their position in the community. The quality of the clothing and how one is dressed may increase with one's social rank. Second, certain Vikings dressed in a way that appealed to the other sex.

The Vikings dressed in accordance with their sex, age, and social standing, just like men and women do now.

The main fabric of our Viking Clothing is made with high quality cotton linen.  Men's cotton linen long sleeves are comfortable and have a lot of flexibility, good shape retention, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, and durability.

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