We are Matthias and Nicolas, the creators of Relentless Rebels, based in Belgium. In our team we also have Mark who is responsible for the customer support. 

We have a passion for the Viking Age that started for us both many years ago, in two different countries, and brought us together in yet another country!

Nicolas was part of a Viking group in Northern Ireland, and Matthias served as the captain of the Viking long ship crew for the ship “Haakon Haakonsson” in Norway.

Both of our respective groups travelled to York, England each year for the Jorvik Viking Festival where we would race our long ships on the River Ouse, trade, and commune with our fellow enthusiast. This is where fate brought us together, and our journey began almost a decade ago. (If not for the Viking community, we would probably never have met).

Since that time, we have been acquiring the knowledge and know-how to replicate faithful representation of the art of our ancestors, as well as draw from them the inspiration to create our own unique designs.

Each individual piece of wearable art is painstakingly created by us, by hand, in the manner it was originally fabricated. Some of the tools have changed, but the technological manner in which it is formed has not. Each wax model is carved meticulously by hand, each mold hand poured, every wire hand twisted.


We take pride in our work.

We thank you for your continued support of Relentless Rebels community we love.

Inspired by our Ancestors.