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Runic Viking Bracelet - Stainless Steel - Viking jewelry - Rune Bracelet

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Feel confident wearing our Runic Viking Bracelet; our Viking Jewelry also makes a wonderful gift for a loved one on any special occasion.

The letters in a collection of related alphabets known as runic alphabets are known as runes. Before the adoption of the Latin alphabet, runes were used to write a variety of Germanic languages, as well as for specialized uses afterward. Runes can be used to symbolize the concepts after which they are named in addition to representing a sound value.

Each rune had a name that alluded to the philosophical and magical importance of its visual shape as well as the sound it represented, which was almost invariably the first sound of the rune's name. The T-rune, for example, is named after the god Tiwaz and is called *Tiwaz in Proto-Germanic (known as Tyr in the Viking Age).

The runic compass, also known as the Icelandic runes/Nordic compass, is an eight-staved emblem of protection and guidance that Vikings are said to have used as a compass.

Our products are heavy and sturdy. No lightweight stuff. Do you feel like you could rock that? Good! Get your Runic Viking Bracelet today to start feeling even more confident. Be Relentless!

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All our jewelry is handmade and extensive craftsmanship goes into every piece we create. We use stainless steel to ensure you the best and long-lasting quality.
Hypoallergenic and will never rust, tarnish or fade.

If you order today we will welcome you to our family with open arms. So, what are you waiting for?

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The Specs

  • Material: 316L Stainless Steel & Leather
  • Length: 18 cm

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